1. Age limit:
    Professional singers section: 35 years Amateurs Section: no age limit; restricted to non-professional singers with a passion for Vocal Arts.
  2. Subscription:
    Professionals : 90 € – Amateurs : 60 €
    Fees are non-refundable.
  3. Cumulative Prizes :
    The candidates in the professional singers section cannot win more than one Grand Prize. However it is possible for a candidate to win a Grand Prize and a Special Prize.
  4. Passage order :
    The order of turn for the competition will be sorted alphabetically.
  5. Decisions of the jury:
    The jury is sovereign in its choices, which are final. It has the right not to hear the whole repertoire of each round as well as the right to not award all prizes.
  6. Consultation of the Jury by candidates :
    Unsuccessful candidates may, if they so wish, talk with the members of the jury after the announcement of the final results. For successful candidates, any communication with the members of the jury between tests is prohibited.
  7. The Final will be public for both sections.
  8. Accommodation and travel expenses:
    Are the responsibility of the candidates
  9. Accompaniment and rehearsals :
    A pianist will be available to the candidates during
    the Competition. Candidats may be a ccompanied by
    their pianist. Rehearsals with the pianist will take place the day before the Competition.
  10. Photocopies of scores: photocopies of scores are strictly forbidden during the competition.